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Collins & Associates had its beginning after the close of WWII in 1948 when Robert B. Collins founded the company. The real estate company experienced successful growth in the Tulsa area serving the commercial, retail and residential industries. Twenty years thereafter in 1968, Robert’s son, Douglas F. Collins, took over the reins of the company and expanded its services to include professional real estate management. During the subsequent years, Collins & Associates, through a succession of various changes and associations, has grown to a thriving real estate service company with 30 employees serving over 80 Properties.

With a real estate background of over 60 years, the major focus of Collins & Associates has become the professional management of Homeowners Associations. This evolvement of the company occurred when Doug Collins recognized the need of professional management for Associations that were turned over from a Neighborhood Developer to volunteer homeowners. Since that time, Collins & Associates has become one of the most sought after professional homeowner association management companies in the region. Collins & Associates is proud to serve some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Tulsa area.


Our staff includes personnel that have excelled in their field of expertise. Our president holds a Certified Public Accountant degree and certain property managers hold certifications such as Certified Manager of Community Associations and Accredited Residential Manager. Our Maintenance Supervisor holds several licenses such as refrigeration, plumbing, air conditioning and heating and years of experience in these various industries.


Most people do not look at an Association as being a “company”. However, if you’ll look at your bylaws, covenants and other documents relative to your neighborhood, you will almost always see “inc.” after the name. Your Association is “incorporated”. Therefore, it is a real corporation and should be operated like one. Many factors are overlooked because the volunteer board simply is unaware of many things i.e. taxes need to be filed and 1099’s must be provided. Further, insurance coverage must be secured including general liability, property insurance and directors and officers coverage. These issues and many more are all monitored and addressed by Collins & Associates on behalf of your Association.


Our management services include financial services that are comprehensive and provide accuracy and transparency for your board and homeowners. Details of the services you’ll receive include:

  • Produce and submit for approval annual operating budgets. We will include anticipated increases in utilities and insurance premiums; property improvements and operating costs are calculated so that an accurate analysis of the needed dues can be determined for the property operation of the Association.
  • Deliver detailed monthly financial reports to all board members. Reports are provided to each board member within 30 days of the previous month. Your income and expenses are reported to the penny to display the transparency that is desired for all homeowners.
  • Foresee and plan for capital improvements and repairs. A Reserve Study will be completed so that the Association will know what amount they need to save each month in order to meet the obligations the future will require for replacements and repairs to major amenities and common area features.

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