Pedestrian Bridge, Arkansas River, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Collins Approach

Entrance With Guard Shack
Maintaining gates are essential for homeowner’s security.

At Collins & Associates, we understand that an asset owner has three main concerns:

  1. Create a return on investment for the owner.
  2. Maintain and improve the value of the asset.
  3. Provide a quality environment for the tenant.

Each one of these goals must be a part of the master plan and each goal must be considered every day in every operation or procedure. Below is a list of the functions that we perform that enable us to successfully balance all of these concerns.

  • Develop a master management plan
  • Generate annual operating budgets
  • Deliver detailed owner financial reports
  • Foresee and plan for capital improvements and repairs
  • Prepare specifications and obtain competitive bids for contract services
  • Insure accurate dues billing and collections, including escalations and special assessments
  • Monitor service and maintenance programs for cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Provide dependable maintenance personnel for daily operations
  • Coordinate and oversee capital improvements
  • Develop a relationship of trust with developers, builders, owners, residents and vendors

With our approach as a team of professionals with goals that benefit the owner and its assets, we feel the history of our success sets Collins & Associates apart as a unique management force in the Oklahoma market and beyond.

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